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Smart Twezers Available from Huizhou Kerui Trade Co. Ltd. in Huizhou, China.

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Siborg Systems Inc. and Huizhou Trade Co. Ltd., based in Huizhou, China, have signed a new agreement to offer Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader in China and surrounding areas. This new deal brings Smart Tweezers to customers faster with less wait times for shipping and customs, as well as a closer location to send devices for repair or maintenance.

Smart Tweezers Now Availabe in Vietnam from Medin Co. Ltd.

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Siborg Systems Inc. and Medin Co. Ltd. have signed a deal to bring Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader to Vietnam and surrounding Asia. This new deal means customers have lower wait times for shipping and customs, as well as a more local place to send their devices in case they need repairs or maintenance.

Medin Co. Ltd. is a Vietnam based supplier of all types of electronic equipment, tools and parts from companies such as Panasonic, SMC, Weller, Apex Tool Group, Omron and more.

Smart Tweezers Gain Distributor in Vietnam with Thang Long P&T Int. Co. Ltd.

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A new deal between Siborg Systems Inc. and Thang Long P&T Int. Co. Ltd. have brought Smart Tweezers to Vietnam. This partnership will better serve customers in Asia looking for Smart Tweezers, while reducing shipping costs and wait times for customs.

For more information:


Mr. Thắng Hoàng

Thang Long P&T International Company Limited

No. 23, Alley 405/17, Ngoc Hoi Street, Van Dien, Thanh Tri District, Ha Noi, Vietnam


Tel: (+84) 4. 36814684

Fax: (+84) 4. 36816080

Smart Tweezers Newest Models Have Been Shipped Worldwide to Distributors

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The new ST-5S and LCR-Readers have been shipped to distributors worldwide to AdvanceTech in India, KaiserTech in the UK, Sanata Ltd. in Russia and VanDevice in Japan. With these distributors, users across the globe have access to the ST-5S and LCR-Readers without waiting for shipment from Canada and possibly long customs waiting times.

Updated Replacement Parts Catalog

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Siborg Systems Inc. has updated their online catalog for replacement parts for models ST-2, ST-3, ST-5, ST-5S and LCR-Reader. A Smart Tweezers History is available  here.

Replacement parts available include:


  • housing
  • arms/tips
  • jog wheels
  • batteries


  • housing
  • tips
  • precision tips
  • screens
  • batteries
  • arms
  • flex cables

ST-5s and LCR-Reader

  • housing
  • batteries
  • arms
  • flex cables
  • screens
  • tips for both LCR-Reader and ST-5S

This larger catalog will better provide users with a place to easily order all replacement parts.

Lokmita in Lithuania Starts Offering Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader

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Siborg Systems Inc. has a new distribution partner, Lokmita in Lithuania.

Lokmita is a Lithuanian company which sells modern and high quality measurement equipment that is simple and has integrated software. Lokmita provides the equipment warranty and after sales service, maintenance and installation work. Lokmita also offer a variety of temperature measuring instruments, soldering supplies and a large range of equipment. Lokmita selects only the trustworthy manufactures and makes sure it has competitive pricing. Customers are not only for Lithuanian enterprises, budgetary institutions, private individuals, but also to foreign companies. We always seek to take into account the needs of customers and offer them the most suitable solution.

Siborg is excited to have this new channel in Lithuania, furthering the worldwide availability of Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader LCR-meters.

You can visit the Lokmita website here.

Smart Tweezers ST-5, ST-5S and LCR-Reader Available on Amazon

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Siborg Systems Inc. has utilized and for selling Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader. Siborg is also using Amazon’s fulfillment service, customers in the United States will have a shorter wait time for receiving their devices, and Amazon Prime members will benefit from free 2 day shipping.

LCR-Reader on Amazon

ST-5S on Amazon

Smart Tweezers ST-5S; An Updated ST-5 Coming Soon

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Siborg Systems Inc. will soon be releasing the newest model in the Smart Tweezers line, the ST-5S. This model is toted as the bridge model between the ST-5 and the LCR-Reader, with the same functionality, features and high basic accuracy as the ST-5 model, but with the lighter, smaller design of the LCR-Reader, at only 1 oz.

Upon first glance, the main differences between previous ST-5 and the ST-5S is the smaller size and bright OLED screen, providing better contrast. With a one-button navigation, the menu and settings are easily accessible.

The new model will be available in April-May of 2014.


Updated Smart Tweezers LCR-meter, LCR-Reader, Shown at Nepcon Shanghai

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The very first public glimpse of Siborg Systems Inc.’s new LCR-Reader, a simplified model of Smart Tweezers LCR- and ESR-meter, featuring a lighter weight and price with high accuracy measurements.


Siborg Systems Inc.’s new, updated model in the Smart Tweezers family was presented for the first time in Shanghai. The new LCR-Reader offers users the same familiar functionality as Smart Tweezers LCR-meter, but boasting half the weight and half the price without limiting the high accuracy measurements.

Nepcon Shanghai 2013, left to right: Eagle Sun (Ascentek), Alston (Goldtek), Michael Obrecht (Siborg), Willie Fan (Ascentek), Jason Yeh (Goldtek)

Nepcon Shanghai 2013, left to right: Eagle Sun (Ascentek), Alston (Goldtek), Michael Obrecht (Siborg), Willie Fan (Ascentek), Jason Yeh (Goldtek)

The LCR-Reader was presented at Nepcon Shanghai Trade Show, the largest electronics manufacturing show in China. About 20,000 visitors and hundreds of exhibitors attend the show, including leaders in Surface Mount Technology, including; Fuji Machine Manufacturing, Sony, Panasonic Factory Solutions, Hitachi, OK International and Heller.

Presented by Siborg and distributors GoldTek and AscenTek in China, and AscenTex in Taiwan, the prototype [shown] was well received. Jason Yeh, the GoldTek Sales Manager, said;

“It is very important to be able to reduce the price of LCR-Reader compare to the Smart Tweezers LCR-meter. We hope to double our sale with the introduction of the new affordable model.”

fig 1

LCR-Reader prototype

The cost reduction was possible by way of cheaper manufacturing cost to the benefit of the consumer. The device keeps the same high accuracy known in Smart Tweezers with a basic accuracy of 0.1%, the same accuracy available on the previous ST-2 model. The updated design offers a one button navigation, one push of the button cycles through measurement modes including; A Automatic, C Capacitance, L Inductance, R Resistance, ESR Equivalent Series Resistance. LCR-Reader automatically selects the best range for L, C, R and ESR measurements, based on the component value and type. Parasitic impedance components, such as the R for C or L, are measured and shown, along with the main impedance component. All measurements are performed at a test signal amplitude of 0.5 Vrms. The device is powered by Li-Ion battery charged by Micro USB cable.

Some of the features known to Smart Tweezers were lost on the new device, including; the offset subtraction feature, voltage measurement, diode and continuity testing and component sorting.

The LCR-Reader will be available in July-August 2013, with sales expected to be fourfold to the ST5 model. A 20% discount is offered for customers pre-ordering the exciting new model.

An intro video is available for viewing.



Smart Tweezers Available in Japan from Alpha Corporation

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The third agreement made to have the popular device offered in Asia, Smart Tweezers have entered the Japanese market with help from Alpha Corporation from Chiba, Japan.  Alpha Corporation is a distributor of nieche testing tools, materials and machinery for electronics, primarily offering imorted products to Japanese clients. Alpha Corporation also offer unique test equipment for PCBs.

“We are constantly serarching for new original products that would be useful to Japanese engineers.” says Norio Ito, the Director of Alpha Corporation, “I was impressed by Smart Tweezers LCR-meter when I found information about them at Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) web site. it looked so unique and handy for any work involving Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that I contacted Siborg right away and suggested to market this product in Japan and neighbouring countries. Although it is very hard to sell imported electronics in Japan, we see a good potential for Smart Tweezers here.”


Alpha Corporation:
Established in 2005, the company offers domestic sales of electronic measuring instruments, precision measuring instruments, inspection equipment.

For more info please contact:
Mr. Norio Ito
Alpha Corporation
3F P.O. Building, 3-10-3 Tsuga, Wakaba-ku
Chiba City, Chiba 264-0025, Japan
Tel: +8150-3373-9558 Fax: +8143-235-2731
E-mail: norio_ito (at) alphacorp (dot) ecweb (dot) jp
Web: www (dot) alphacorp (dot) ecweb (dot) jp