Smart Tweezers New Homepage in India

// December 5th, 2012 // News

Siborg Systems Inc. and Advance Tech Services in New Delhi have launched a new website for Smart Tweezers for Indian users.

“This website will give Indian clients a better feeling of what this remarkable device would allow them to do, including a short video,” says Ajay Gupta, the Director of Marketing at Advance Tech Services, “Light weight and nearly pen sized make Smart Tweezers extremely useful for any kind of field work. On the other hand, 0.2% basic measurement accuracy is normally achievable only with much more expensive bench-type LCR-meters. It is very important that Smart Tweezers virtually can be used without reading the Manual, it is almost fully automatic and gives you value of a component, whether it is L, C or R immediately when you touch it with the tweezer’s tips.”

Advance Tech is offering an introductory sales price for the ST5 model.

The new website is

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