Smart Tweezers Now Available in 27 Countries Worldwide

// December 23rd, 2012 // Distributors, LCR-Reader, News, ST-5S

Siborg Systems Inc. and Pennsylvania based Bokar International have agreed to work together to bring Smart Tweezers to the USA, Canada and 25 other countries worldwide on 5 continents.

Bokar International produces and sells innovative tools and equipment for reworking, repairing and assembling Surface Mount Technology (SMT), including a full line of equipment and accessories, and are continuously developing new, more sophisticated machines.

“From the very first look at Smart Tweezers it was clearly a perfect match to our line of products”, says Czeslaw Ruszowski, the CEO at Bokar, “We manufacture equipment for production, rework and repair of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)  densely packed with SMT components as small as 0.3 mm. It makes debugging of a faulty PCB virtually impossible with the use of conventional LCR-meters. Smart Tweezers light-weigh design integrating high-precision SMT probes, accurate digital LCR-meter and an LCD display makes it easily usable by just one hand leaving the other free for taking notes or holding other tools.”

Smart Tweezers are an industry proven tool, indispensable for SMT component sorting, on-board impedance testing and PCB debugging.

For a limited time, Bokar International is offering an introductory sales price for Smart Tweezers ST5.

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