Side by Side Comparison of Smart Tweezers ST-5 and LCR-Reader

// December 9th, 2013 // LCR-Reader, News, ST5

After nearly a decade of availability, Smart Tweezers has become a worldly recognizable alternative tool for evaluating and testing Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Siborg Systems Inc. has compiled a brief history and side-by-side comparison of the two most popular models, the ST-5 and the LCR-Reader.

The first prototype was a set of hand-made tweezers in a hand-carved housing that was powered by a AA alkaline battery. A new design environment and evolution of components brought upon a completely redesigned device, similar to the design of the newest models. The ST-1 was released in 2004.

In 2007 the ST-2 model was released featuring replaceable gold-plated tweezer tips, improving the lifespan of the device. It also featured better insulated handles resulting in higher accuracy.

The ST-3 was released in 2009. The main difference being a rechargeable battery via induction. The new battery was introduced to address a problem with housing being damaged each time the old batteries needed replacement. Though this model had a slightly higher price, many assembly lines embraced the ability to recharge the battery.

In 2011 the ST-5 model was released. This model features the highest basic accuracy yet, and a Li-Ion battery rechargeable via micro-USB connection.

The ST-5 remains the leading device among professionals and companies alike, though the varying price between $340 and $700 (depending on region, re-seller, etc.) is too high for non-professionals and hobbyists.

Siborg released the ST-5L in 2012, as a budget model of the popular ST-5. This model was slightly less expensive, and the market was found unchanged.

Siborg began working on the LCR-Reader, released in September of 2013. The new LCR-Reader, which was prototyped using 3D printing, is offered at half the price of previous Smart Tweezers. At 1 oz., the LCR-Reader is half the weight, and is offered at almost half the price. It features a Li-Ion battery and a one-button navigation. The design maximizes operation simplicity while still offering a high basic accuracy of 1%.

Unlike LCR-Reader, the ST-5 arrives with a calibration certificate which is traceable to the National Institute of Standards, required by all major high-tech companies. It also offers the highest basic accuracy in the line, of 0.2%, and various features that are not available on the LCR-Reader.

Smart Tweezers ST-5 features:

-Automatic LCR and ESR measurements
-Basic accuracy of 0.2%
-NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
-Variable Test Signal up to 1 Vrms
-Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
-2 oz. weight
-Diode testing
-Continuity testing
-Component sorting
-Tolerance Check

LCR-Reader Features:
-Automatic LCR and ESR measurements
-Basic accuracy of 1%
-Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
-1 oz. weight
-Fixed test signal of 0.5 Vrms
-No calibration certificate
-No diode tests
-No component sorting
-No tolerance Check


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