Smart Tweezers with Rechargeable Batteries

// January 31st, 2011 // Smart Tweezers Questions and Answers

Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers comes in two models: with regular disposable batteries and with rechargeable batteries and inductive charger. If you use Smart Tweezers very often, say 2 hours of continuous use a day, and you use regular disposable batteries, your batteries will be depleted in about a month and you will then have to replace them. Eventually this will lead to damage of the thread in the plastic housing and you will need to replace the housing. If you use the rechargeable model, and you always put Smart Tweezers on the charging cradle when you do not use it, your batteries will last for about a year, even for a heavy use. The charger uses a trickle-charge charging in order to increase the battery life.

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