Smarter Smart Tweezers

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The newest model of Smart Tweezers, the ST5, is the same reliable LCR meter with new improvements and upgrades.

Designed specifically for Surface Mount Technology, the newest version offers an estimated 6 times higher basic accuracy of 0.2% than that of older models, new measurement modes, as well as slight physical differences.

Smart Tweezers still measures for Inductance, Resistance and Capacitance with the high speed and accuracy like older models, but now measures real and imaginary impedances, resistance with series resistance measurements. Capacitance and the ESR or D of a capacitor, Inductance with measurements for DC resistance or Q. The ESR mode is able to measure the ESR of high-value capacitors at different frequencies. A new diode testing feature can show to polarity of the diode and detects shortened devices, as well as using a continuity beeper to warn for a break in the continuity.

The generator voltage is more adjustable with 0.2V, 0.50V and 1.0V settings allowing for higher accurate measurement results of in-circuit devices without having to turn on semiconductor junctions. By being able to adjust the voltage, measuring CK05 and CK06 ceramic capacitors provides a higher accuracy, the capacitors’ capacitance varies with different applied voltages.

A semi-automatic offset subtraction allows for the elimination of parasitics between the two tweezer tips, improving the measurement accuracy with low-value components. A “tolerance mode” features visible and audio while sorting components.

The older models of Smart Tweezers had a jog-wheel on the side of the device that made navigating somewhat cumbersome, the new ST5 features a joy-stick like button on the front of the device providing a more comfortable navigation experience. A new Li-Ion battery with USB charging solves the problems that older Smart Tweezers had with the batteries depleting too quickly. The USB charging also lets the device be recharged nearly anywhere with a USB port, or the included wall charger.

Smart Tweezers arrives to you in a hard-shelled travel case, providing protection for the device, and allows for safe storage in any bag, desk or otherwise. Included is an calibration certificate showing that the device has been calibrated to NIST standards. Optional tips for Smart Tweezers are available in a range of styles from between $40 to $60.

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