What’s New on the ST5 model?

// November 16th, 2012 // News, Smart Tweezers Questions and Answers, ST5

The newest version of Smart Tweezers, the ST5 has been released.

Still the same fully automatic LCR meter, Smart Tweezers still offers features like manual and automatic Inductance, Resistance, and Capacitance measurements, and diode and continuity testing, with just a touch of the tweezer tips.

So what’s new on Smart Tweezers ST5?

The new ST5 features designated Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) measurements. When measuring for a capacitance, the unit measures for secondary parameters such as the ESR. This value is displayed in the secondary display.

Semi-automatic offset subtraction that allows a value of parasitic resistance to be automatically subtracted from the measurement value of the component under test.

Component sorting capabilities.

A higher basic accuracy of 0.2% is an estimated 6 times higher than older models, this accuracy is usually only available with expensive bench-type testing. A Li-Ion battery replaces the hearing aid batteries in the old models, with a USB charger, significantly increasing the battery life.

Smart Tweezers has also gotten a slight physical upgrade with the replacement of the jog-wheel. This navigational device used to be situated on the side of the device and allowed users to change the settings with back-and-forth movement as well as a push button to select. The new ST5 features a joy-stick like navigation on the front of the device, providing a more comfortable experience.

Other than the removal of DC/AC voltage measurements, Smart Tweezers are the same renowned LCR meters but with higher accuracy, even more features and an updated look.


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