Siborg Launches Regional Websites

// August 15th, 2014 // LCR-Reader, News, ST-5S

With the launch of the new LCR-Reader, Siborg Systems has released new websites for users in the USA, Canada and Russia, featuring helpful tips for using the device and instructional materials in English or Russian.

Canadian made, Smart Tweezers’ PCBs are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario, and assembled in Waterloo, Ontario. The device is gaining fans across the world, used in many major high-tech companies worldwide and professionals alike. The new websites will be able to reach customers in other countries in their own languages.

“The new multilingual web sitew will give international users a better feeling of waht this new device is capable of,” says the Director at Siborg, Michael Obrecht, “Lightweight and small size make LCR-Reader extremely useful for any kind of PCB work, especially if you do it on a trip. It is very important that this device is very user-friendly and intuitive. It is almost fully automatic and evaluates a component whether it is L, C or R immediately when it is touch with the tweezers tips.”


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